We will produce OEM parts per customer drawing within our group companies organized.

H.I.C. Corporation


Company profile

Corporate Philosophy

Challenge To Human Possibility As Ongoing Intelligent Group.

Corporate Goals

1.Improvement on customer satisfaction by offering reasonable prices and VA/VE proposals.

2.Achievement of ZD (Zero Defect) with 100% quality assurance.

3.Contribution to customers for inventory reduction by on-time delivery.

Corporate Philosophy

H.I.C. Corporation was established as a subsidiary of DAIBEA CO., LTD. in 1959.
We became independent from the parent company in 1965 and have provided high quality power transmission component parts, such as transmissions and automotive parts ( hub bearings, etc. ) to oversea customers.

In the past 50 years, Japan has entered globalization age through high economic growth period, and has grown to lead the world technical innovation amid the global competition.
In this environment, H.I.C. Corporation has worked on the achievement of engineering development and high productivity with our manufacturers, and gained trust in the world market.

By obtaining ISO 9001 certificate in 2004 and by fixing the quality management system,H.I.C. Corporation has paved a new path to the engineering field.
For the future, H.I.C. Corporation hopes to contribute to the development of the automotive industry by fully utilizing the world networks and by taking a closer look at the international market movements as an intelligent group that makes quick responses to the changing needs of customers.

We really appreciate your kind patronage and supports.

Yoshiyuki Tanaka, President