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Metal Powder Injection Molding Parts, M.I.M

Metal Powder Injection Molding Parts, M.I.M

M.I.M. is not only the technology to materialize fusion and harmony with traditional machined parts,and more over, to enable resource saving of metal product and new advanced technology which is new production technology of " State of Art " admitted worldwide. After introducing metal injection molding in Japan about 20 years ago, this technology has been grown yearly by 13% by overcoming many of difficulty and can be expected further growth in future. The reliability has been required more and more these days as many use of automobile. Further more, M.I.M. products are used for electronics, precision machine parts,medical device in many industrial field.

Metal Powder Injection Molding Parts, M.I.M

M.I.M. technology is accomplishment
from conventional machining technology.

The feature of M.I.M. parts has freeness of shape as same as it made by plastic injection molding, by using metal powder of less 10 micron, relative density is generated over 95% after sintering, and also mechanical property will be almost equivalent to the same level of the precision casting, M.I.M.shows special characteristics which could not expected on other production technology.

no1 suitable for lot of variety of metal such as high melting point metal and difficult machining parts.
no2 three dimensional near-net type shape can be offered for high-melting point metal molding method.
no3 molding density and pressure uniform can be offered high density product by using superior metal powder of molding and sintering.
no4 suitable for mass production of three dimensional shape and difficult machining metal in use of large capacity of sintering furnace and molding die for multi-piece.

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Metal Characteristics and Application