We produce power transmission machinery parts as OEM by organizing group companies.

H.I.C. Corporation



GEAR custom made gear

For more than 30 years, H.I.C. Corporation has been supplying to overseas OEMs, in Construction, Agricultural and Industrial machinery markets as well as Domestic Markets.
Gear/shaft and gear box assembly units are produced by highly advanced technology and equipment with well experienced know-how of engineering production and skillful workers at the leading gear manufacturer.

Shaved and Ground Finish

Spur, Helical and Internal Gears ( Shaved and Ground Finish )

Hypoid Gear

Straight, Spiral Bevel Gear and Hypoid Gear ( Lapping Finish and Ground Finish )

Transmission Gear Box and Reducer Assembly Units

Custom made units.
High-mix low-volume production available for Construction & Agriculture use.

Planetary Gear Speed Reducer, Transmission Gear Box, PTO,
Transfer Case Gear Boxes, Rigid and Steerable Drive Axle Assemblies and etc.

12-speed synchromesh transmission

12-speed synchromesh transmission for 425HP Agricultural Tractor

Transfer for 120HP Logging Skidder

Transfer for 120HP Logging Skidder

Swing Reduction Gear Box

Swing Reduction Gear Box for 12-ton Excavator

Traveling Reduction Gear Box

Traveling Reduction Gear Box for
250-ton Lifting Crawler Crane